Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Inadequates Anonymous

I would like to start up a support group for people who feel like they are perpetually inadequate. That way, we can come to group and tell everyone about all the bad things that happened to us that day. After each person of us tells our sob story, all the other participants will look at him or her and say, "you deserved it."

Yesterday I had a staff member walk into my office, crying, looking for a phone book. As she flipped through the book, she explained that she had lost her wallet. At one point, she stopped mid-sentence, looked at me pointedly, said, "are we done?", and walked out.

Last week a respected physician told me I had the most incompetent staff alive. He had every right to be furious, but I was offended that he would stoop to communicating with another adult in such a juvenile fashion. As the "Mama Bear," I felt I had no choice but to defend them, but I think the fact that I didn't get emotional or cry really pissed him off, so it just got worse and worse until the comments got personal, then I asked him if he was finished and hung up.

I have a report to review that was due last month. Not realizing the size of the report, I sent the request to my IS person (across town) to print it out because I can't print in that format at my printer. I asked her to print it and send it to me so I can review it for our annual accreditation inspection. She sent me an email today asking me how she should get it to me. (As in, "this report is so goddamn huge I can't fit it in the courier's car to bring it over.") I said I'd be over to pick it up on Friday. Her response to me was a kind-yet-sympathetic entreaty for me to bring a hand truck along. And I have to review this report by three weeks ago. Talk about inadequate.

On a good note, Zappos is sending me my shoe strap. All the way from Milan. No kidding. But I'm a failure for having lost it to begin with.