Friday, January 05, 2007

No Dice - And I've Done the Math

Tuesday night I met up with a huge group of girls to play a little game called Bunko (also spelled 'B-U-N-C-O' in suburbia). Ali, Brittany and I had joined this group for a one-time know, try-it-on kind of a thing. We all had answered an add on Craigslist for some girls looking to throw around the rocks and I had never played so I thought it sounded like fun. The girl who responded is a pink-haired lady by the name of Cristal who designs plus-sized clothing and sells them on ebay. Quite the industrious young woman, might I say. I'd post her Myspace page here, but I don't think with as little traffic as I get it would help her out at all. I'm not going to tell Cristal about this here blog I write because I am just dying to say this: the clothes she designs are plus-sized HOOCHIE clothes for y'all BBW's out there!! My one comment to Ali about this little nugget was that I hoped the hoochie clothes weren't the required dress code at the game. I lucked out, and was admitted into the game in my jeans and a sweater. I think they secretly knew I was wearing my special hooch outfit underneath just in case.

The game was swell but sober. I think this should actually be a game for guys because it really tests your ability to multitask. Basically what happens is you roll the dice for a certain number, and you continue to roll, but only if you get that number, and then you count them all up. If you roll three of the same number, you get a butt load of points and the other team gets really pissed off because you just threw them off of their game. Winning each third round means you move up a table, and once you get to the head table you get to ring the bell and determine when each round starts and stops. In the end, there are 24 rounds.

Ali took home a prize for the most losses (17). I came in second with 16 losses and 8 wins. The winner had 15 wins and 9 losses, and I'm not sure how this is possible. Here's why: when I mathematically analyze this game, I balk at the fact that the winner had 9 losses and the loser had 17. I mean, that's not much of a spread. But, if you think that you have a 50% chance of winning each round and a 50% chance of losing, if you play 24 games, you're most likely going to come in right around 50/50, and not much farther from it. For Ali and I, I think we were safe not winning as this was our first time. For Cristal...inexcusable.

After I'd put all of this thought in to probability of winning, I think it would have been only slightly more fun if we'd all shown up in our hoochie-wear.