Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Farewell to Piglets


I've had these two suckers since 2004. I've been in love with Lamont since I first laid eyes on him. And Marlon made us a threesome.

And now it's a bittersweet goodbye. My piddies are going to live with a sweet young family with three children. It's where they belong. They'll have so much fun. They'll get the social interaction they need to be great family pets.

I love you, boys. I'll miss your wheeking whenever I'd open the 'frigerater and get into the plastic bags with the broccoli and the carrots. You love cucumbers more than I love chocolate. I will miss seeing Monty's orange face after he's buried his nose in a carrot. I'll miss your insanity and how you drag your butts all over after your cage has been cleaned. I'll miss looking at your sweet faces as you sleep, which seemed to be never. I'll miss the way you popcorn when you get out onto the carpet. I'll even miss picking up your little poop pellets.

You've added just that little amount of sparkle into my life when I needed a little laugh. You've cheered me up when I've been depressed. You've been with me through breakups, carpet cleanings, migraines, promotions...you've even witnessed drunken sex.

How can I repay you for the joy you've brought me? Can sending you to live with a loving family possibly be enough? Can Shelby, Jamie, and Alex take good enough care of you?

Goodbye, Piddies. You've made life just a little bit more livable these past few years. But, now it's high time you get to have your fun too.