Friday, December 15, 2006

The Worst Two Weeks of the Year

I always considered the week before Christmas to be the worst week of the year. This year, it was actually the week before the week before Christmas, along with the week before Christmas. Here's a rundown of 2 of the last 3 weeks of 2006:

*Friday: one of my most prized employees (call him employee #1) calls me and shares details of his life that cause my jaw to drop, and then tells me he's quitting in order to make reparations. Cluster headache #1.
*Saturday: employee #1's wife calls me asking for bizarre favors unrelated to his resignation. I do not abide by her, but do humor her a little by calling her husband to check up on him. He responds by giving me more details that make my jaw spontaneously break, and then tells me that he's still quitting. Cluster headache #2.
*Sunday: wasted 2 hours watching "Borat: Cultural Bullshit That's Supposed to be Shockingly Funny But is Just Plain Tasteless." Cluster headach concludes. (Best part of that day.)
*Monday: I decide to put an employee (employee #2) of mine on written probation and spend all afternoon preparing paperwork for HR.
*Tuesday: With my boss's support I decide it's time to let employee #2 go. After work, I go to my boyfriend's house for a seemingly snuggly dinner and delicious sex, and instead he tells me his feelings are all out of wack in proportion to my own (why he had to talk my head off for three hours to get to that conclusion, I don't know), so we decide we should see other people and I walk out. (That's the long story short.)
*Wednesday: I had trouble getting to sleep in the dark, so I finally relented to leaving that horrible TV on. I wake up with the most killer migraine of the century. Call in sick to work and spend the day in bed, awake, nauseous, and miserable.
*Thursday: beer with Tamara. The highlight of the week!
*Friday: my boss has a lumpectomy and nodes. Meanwhile, the employee that I was preparing to fire announces that his brother just died earlier in the day, so he's leaving for the weekend. Termination under these circumstances is not only heartless, but impossible. We are forced to continue endangering patients until the holiday season is over.
*Tuesday: employee #1's last day. He and I have an extended and stiffled emotional talk before I wish him well. He is a dear, dear friend and will not be forgotten.
*Wednesday: dinner and movie with the girlies. My ex boyfriend from 2004 sends me a text message to instigate another FWB thing. I politely blow him off, but nevertheless get a bit teary.
*Thursday: employee #2 is put on mandatory administrative leave for 2 weeks prior to either giving resignation or being terminated. He informs other employees that he has been (make slash across the neck motion), and says goodbye. He's tight-lipped and passive agressive throughout the conversation. Nonetheless I feel horrible.

I suppose most wouldn't bat an eyelash ending the year like that, but I feel small, weak, and exhausted. I feel that every ounce of feeling has exanguinated out of my body and left me, well, anemic. Any other day I would sit outside and people watch with a curious, thoughful eye, but for once I am drained of anything.

It might be time for a little R & R. 2007 will bring on a much more positive outlook. I'm sure of it.