Monday, December 25, 2006

VHS or Toilet Paper for Dessert?

I will pay a thousand dollars to anyone who can locate me a pint of strawberries. Prior to 5 pm today. Which is in about an hour so you better warm up your greenhouse because YOU AIN'T GOING TO GET 'EM AT A GODDAMN GROCERY STORE!!!

In preparation for a get-together tonight that my friend Nancy has cheekily called a "stray dogs' party," I decided to make chocolate covered strawberries. Being as I haven't left the house since Saturday, save a hike I took up the hill yesterday, I hadn't already purchased the necessary ingredients. Being from the midwest (where all grocery stores are open 24-7, 365 days a year), I figure I can easily pick something up today. Mmmm, hmmmm. Right.

Driving around today made me realize that there is, indeed, one thing that I hate about Eugene. For such a progressive community, it is absolutely abysmal when it comes to necessary services after hours or on holidays. Not a single grocery store that I could find is open. Oh, but it gets better. Rite Aid, Dairy Mart, Hollywood Video, Blockbuster Video, and every single Chinese food restaurant is open. Why the fuck am I going to need tampons and a VHS classic more than regular groceries? Is food considered a luxury item in Lane county, whereas a regular DVD rental is on the necessities list???

Sometimes I don't understand the beaurocracy of these liberals. Hummph!