Monday, December 25, 2006

Loins and Chocolate

There is nothing like taking a risk on something you've created in bringing it out into the public, only to realize you've succeeded in avoiding blatant failure. I did this tonight with a chocolate souffle.

My friend Nancy had a this perfect little soiree with a couple other folks, Andrea and Mike. Nancy cooked up this fabulous pork tenderloin and a splendid spinach salad. I brought the bread and the dessert.

I'd thrown the chocolate souffle together after running around down looking for the fucking strawberries (see the previous post) and having no luck. Fortunately, I was able to find some eggs, chocolate, and some sugar. A little polite whipping and an hour's worth of refrigeration with the right amount of time at the right temperature...POOF! Magic. The (almost) perfect chocolate souffle. My culinary triumph of the year.

Thanks, girls (and Mike). For dinner, conversation, song, and you. You've made me a truly wonderful Christmas. (And you can't say I'm not sentimental.)