Saturday, December 23, 2006

Another Prufrockian Holiday

Today I received 2 movies from Netflix that I felt were appropriate for the holiday season: "The Woodsman," and "Silkwood."

I chose "The Woodsman" a few weeks ago when I was in a personal situation where I felt it was warranted. It was an extremely quiet movie, and despite the lack of an obvious plot (sometimes it has to be explained to me), I felt sufficient closure at the end of the movie to where I made the statement, "well, that was certainly morose," (although it wasn't really morose, per se), as opposed to looking over at my imaginary friend on the other side of the couch with furrowed eyebrows as if to say, "please explain this to me."

"Silkwood" on the other hand was an absolute masterpiece. Considering it was made in 1983, when I was in first grade, it had many qualities that I found appealing in a movie. Today, you would consider it a star-studded picture, as it had Meryl Streep, Kurt Russell, Cher, Craig T. Nelson, and a few other well-known actors that I can't recall at this moment. An absolute killer movie. My favorite part was when Meryl Streep calls the refrigerator a " 'frigerater."

I spent 2 hours today at the gym, and 2 more hours researching thru-hiking the PCT, which I'll probably never get the chance, or gumption, to do. I have a love-hate relationship with nature. Oh, how it scares me so. But, oh, how it is so hard to stay away from. I have never been happier than I was this last summer backpacking along the Obsidian trail in very few clothes and a 25-pound pack on my back. (Didn't I ever mention that my ultimate goal in life is to be naked, outdoors, and in public?) I need to feel the floor of the desert scalding my feet through my rubber soles. I want to roll around in nettles and poison oak. (If you didn't know, I'm immune to poison oak. At least, I think.) I want to experience frostbite on my nose. I want to experience rude fellow U.S. citizens looking me up and down and snubbing me because I smell like someone who's hiked 23 miles in one day.

I want to experience life out from under the desk.