Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jim Cramer's Horse Shit

I've been listening to Jim Cramer lately in an effort to learn more about the stock market in the careless hope of turning my eensy-weensy nest egg into a gihugeic one. I've lost faith. After hearing nameless numbers of money-monkeying morons call into his show and scream "BOOOO-YAAAHHHH!," I've decided that a man who is willing to let his target audience humiliate themselves on the air (podcast or no podcast) is not trustworthy. Personally, the thought of having to scream that load of nonsense into my phone receiver, knowing it might very well be distorted by the radio or by the listener's speakers, is enough to scare me away from calling. That Cramer insists that every caller holler that crap is what I believe to be him trying to create his own neologism in some ego-maniacal way. I understand why the Army (hoo-aah) and the Marines (hoo-rah) require this type of testosterone-inducine, brotherhood-bonding type of pep rally slogan, but Cramer?

The boooo-yaaahhhh is enough to make me stop listening, and not just because I'm still poor. I suppose I'll go back to "Newsweek On Air" and "All In The Mind."