Thursday, November 23, 2006

Amelie...the Funktified French Version of Alice in Wonderland.

This was the best movie I've seen in years. I'm actually thinking of purchasing it on DVD, and I watched it twice! I hardly ever do that because I have little patience and 2 hours is a long time to do something I've already done (unless it's sex, of course). This movie and its star (forgive me for forgetting her name and this dial-up connection is very unforgiving so I'm not going looking for it now) knocked my socks off and almost literally. We start with Amelie and her childhood. The exposition is quirky in typical French nature, giving a lot of irrelevant details that will have very little to do with the actual story but nonetheless cause the audience to become enamored with the characters and their idiosyncrasies. We move to the present day, when she discovers a small box of toys behind her wall. She becomes determined to find the owner of the box 50 years after it was lost, does so, and proceeds to change other peoples' lives, and her own, for the better. Some of her feats include taking revenge on a mocking store proprietor, getting a coworker laid, and helping a garden gnome to acquire frequent flier miles. All of this wrapped around one of the most romantic love stories out there.

It's amazing the effect the French language has on my body. Uuuhhhhmmmmmmm......................