Sunday, October 22, 2006

Boyfriends and Neighbors

Last summer I got some new neighbors. A couple of women, my age or a bit younger, and a dog whose looks betray his personality to the world. I like to use the word "hairy" to describe things I believe are difficult, and I'd call the dog pretty hairy although I believe his name is actually Roger. The neighbors seemed like perfectly nice people. They ripped up the condo before they moved in, installed a washer and dryer right up next to the wall that adjoins my apartment (gotta love that spin cycle), and couldn't seem to figure out how to close the door to the communal garbage room after discarding their trash. Nevertheless, I tried. I petted the dog and even let it lick my face right before a date, introduced myself, and considered giving them a pie or some other generic housewarming gift. But I was only received with iciness. Had I parked over the line? Had I been too noisy? I don't believe I had caused any offense. Sometimes, however, you just can't win.

Now, the owner of the condo has a new roomie, assumedly her boyfriend. It's funny how I can fill in the gaps in this story on my own. Unfortunatly, I'm fairly sure that 'daddy' knows the story. They continue to do laundry, and torture my wall hangings as a result, but things are much quieter next door. No late night fact, I wonder if they are ever even there.

As for my neighbors on the other side...

The owner is in Boston. I think I'm dating him but I'm not sure. The whole thing is creating a ton of ambivalence on my part. Is this smart? Could I really be serious about this person? As we were playing pool the other night, he told me about some old friends of his. Then he mentioned that they are moving up here, and they're going to set up a farm outside of Eugene and raise pigmy goats and mushrooms. (I giggle just typing this.) Then he says that he'd like to live next door to them.

Hmmmm.....pigmy goats?